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Thank you for Supporting Nuroco. We are only here because of you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  There are a few ways you can join our team.

1. Become an Affiliate

"You Can. You Should. And if you Start, You Will."

Nuroco affiliate program has two great ways for you to earn commissions!  Affiliates can earn up to 24% on qualifying purchase from a new customer. Affiliates can also refer other affiliates to and receive a 5% override of whatever they sell. Good affiliate candidates include Bags, fashion, accessories, jewelry, charms & beads,bohemian, lifestyle, entrepreneurial, internet marketers, gift, mommy, prom, and wedding sites bloggers or influencers.


Program Highlights

  • Double their commissions the first 30 days
  • 12% commission from new customer purchase and 5% commission on returning customers
  • 5% commission override on affiliates under you.
  • 30 day Cookie
  • $100+ Average order size
  • Exclusive VIP access to our monthly sales opportunities, and promotions


Join Now! 

Simply email us at 

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Certain sites may not be applicable for this offer


2. Refer a Friend

"A Referral, is the highest honor a business can receive from a customer... Thank you."


Coming Soon..... When you invite friends to Nuroco you will receive 20% Cash PV on whatever they buy. You will be able to use these Cash PV on your future purchases.  Your friends also benefit from your referrals. When they join they receive exclusive deals and discounts from Nuroco.

How can you participate in the refer a friend campaign?

Once you make your first purchase here at Nuroco you will receive a refer a friend link upon check out.  This link is also emailed to you. Your referral link can also be found in your account when you login.