The Top 10 New Beauty Inventions That Were Available in Asia are here

The Top 10 New Beauty Inventions That Were Available in Asia are here

The wonder dress in red

  We know that some products in the beauty industry could use a makeover.  Plus, we've all heard about the amazing technology growing in Asia. What are these New beauty & fashion innovations?  Are they even available in the US yet?

When Katherine the founder of Nuroco, was traveling back and forth from the US to Asia,  she found many new new inventions she couldn't believe that were unavailable locally. Why?

It started with a simple 6 cm hair clip. This clip could hold lots of hair, didn’t cinch and wouldn't fall when running. After loosing the clips, Katherine searched local supermarkets, department stores and the web. It wasn’t available anywhere, and all the products she tried fell out when running.  Determined to never be without her favorite clips again, Katherine located the supplier in Asia.  How could no one carry such a wonderful product overseas she asked the supplier? The answer was a surprise. According to the supplier, if a product was a constantly selling out locally, they would not promote it to vendors overseas.


It's not that these products don't exist already, but we believe that we can do it a little better, and a little goes a long way. 




For example, magnetic eyelashes. Many internet reviews state that people can see the magnetic strip through the lashes, and one magnet per lash (unless a corner lash) did not allow the lash to conform to the curve of the eye, creating a horizontal sticking line.

Having thick, beautiful eyelashes is a woman’s eye dream. A secret revealed by a celebrity makeup artist on “How to apply fake lashes”, said they would stack and glue three sets of lashes one on top of another to get that film ready look.  We tried that method and could not open our eyes.

There is an easier way. What if there was light weight magnetic eyelashes.  That had triple the amount of lashes to hide magnets. Which also came with 3 magnets to conform to the curves of the eyes?

What if that product was only available in Asia?

Not until, a fashion beauty website was created to fill that gap.  The mission, was to find the newest, fastest, unique, and highest quality beauty and fashion products not available in most local stores.  Nuroco’s goal is to help women optimize their beauty lifestyle through smarter and better innovation products. People like unique, one-of-a-kind, high quality products and Nuroco offers that. It’s not that these products don’t exist already, but we believe we can do it a little better,  and a little goes a long way.


Here is a list on the Top 10 unique Best selling inventions in Asia now available at, with honest feedback from our tests.

1.      180 Degree nail clipper 

We’ve tested 20 different designs of clippers from Germany to Japan. This is hands down the sharpest and most user friendly clippers we’ve tried. If we have to do something for the rest of our lives why not just keep it fast, easy and simple right?

2.      3x Fuller magnetic lashes with 3 magnets

With the market flooded with new designs on the magnetic lashes. We finally came across this 3x fuller magnetic eyelash on a leading Asian beauty rating site The average rating for this product was over 4 stars from 2000 reviews. With thicker lashes and extra magnets we felt we found a winner.

Nuroco also carries the 6X fuller magnetic lashes. Buyer beware, it will give you that celebrity eyelash look. But you will be able to open your eyes.

3.       Super flexible loafers


The Top 10 New Beauty Inventions That Were Available In Asia Are Here

These loafers are made of genuine leather. On the outside they are strong and sturdy. The difference is in the insoles. Made of special high quality rubber these flats are so flexible you can twist them like a towel.   Some Customers have stated they are so comfortable they feel like they are walking barefoot.  We have not yet found another shoe on the market that can do this. Seeing is believing, check out the pictures to see how amazingly flexible this shoe is.

4.      One of a kind, Portable Makeup brush set

We know that makeup brushes are easier to use with a longer handle. But to bring all the brushes would take up a lot of bag space.  This portable makeup brush set has all 8 essential brushes and is stackable to create that long handle for easy makeup application.  This interchangeable stacking kit has most the important brush heads from, lips, liner, contour, highlighter. eye, to foundation.

5.      Cute Organizing Coin purse

A unique well designed coin purse that has lots of pockets and space.

6.      Interchangeable 8 Minimalist Stone necklace

This design allows girls to match the pendant color to their wardrobe.

7.      A-grade Silk tassel earrings 

These are the highest quality tassel earrings we have seen on the market. Make of fine silk, these earrings do not frill and has a high-end luminous shine to them. 

8.      The Funny Happy Sequin T-shirt 

The Top 10 New Beauty Inventions That Were Available In Asia Are Here


This funny tshirt will make your loved ones laugh. By gently swiping across the top of the t shirt sequins, the color and design changes immediately. Wish that could happen with all our clothes.

9.      Advance 8 piece blender Kit

The different blender designs allow for easy highlighting and advance makeup applications.

10.  The Wonder dress - One Amazing Dress That Can Be Worn 20 Different Ways

We’ve saved the best for last.

The Wonder dress is a unique dress that can be worn 20 different ways.  A one-of-a-kind product that will revolutionize the woman clothing industry.

Not only is this dress a best seller in Asia, theses convertible dresses are comfortable, fashionable, stretchy, and machine wash friendly. 

This dress comes in 20 different colors. It also has different size choices (US 0 - 18 W). 

You also have a choice of selecting different material from the tulle for a more luxurious look and short skirt designs for casual events.

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