The Wonder Dress

The Wonder Dress

One Amazing dress that can be worn 20 different ways

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The wonder dress in red


The Wonder Dress


My Boss asked me, Kat “If you had a choice and you were stranded on an island, what would be the three things you would bring?”

Without hesitating I responded “Water, food and a working phone.”

But if I could expand that list, there is one thing I would definitely bring for a trip. The Wonder dress. It’s a unique dress that can be worn 20 different ways.  A one of a kind product that will revolutionize the woman clothing industry.

The Wonder dress - there is really no limit to the possibilities you can create with this one dress




The Wonder dress is already a bestseller in Asia and is now available to the US at  A website that carries new beauty and fashion inventions from all over the world, not available in most local US Stores.

The mission of Nuroco is to help women optimize their  beauty Lifestyle through innovation. Theses convertible dresses are comfortable, fashionable, stretchy and machine wash friendly. 

The One day Wonder Dress Test

Can one dress really do it all?  I was going to find out on my trip to Hawaii. 

I tied the top of the wonder dress to the side making a bohemian layered skirt with flops for casual wear on the plane.  Arriving 9:15am, my tour guide greeted me with Lei.  A necklace made of plumeria flowers that smelled as strong as jasmine. 

On the way to the hotel, we stopped at a heavenly beach spot and I wanted to take a nice selfie. So I wrapped the skirt to a halter neck, and plucked a plumeria off my Lei to place behind my ear. The pictures looked fabulous.

Relieved to finally be in my fancy hotel room, I jumped in bed. Knowing my dress was wrinkle friendly  I couldn't bother to change.  My Alarm went off, it’s was now 3pm and I had to meet my bosses supplier for negotiations downstairs. I wrapped the dress to give it a flat camisole strapless look  and threw on a business jacket to make it a suit.  With a bun and high heels I headed downstairs. This was the first time I was meeting with Mike. A successful business supplier according to my boss. I gasped when he arrived. Tall, tanned and handsome. Could he possibly be single too? 

It was so fun talking to Mike, I almost forgot the reason why we were meeting. At the end he agreed to reduce the cost of our supplies. He really had what every women was looking for. The 3 C’s - Cash, Car, and Career.  I gently bite my lips when he told me he had recently broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years. 

As we left the bar Mike asked me if I had been to a Local Luau?  A Hawaiian party on a boat with dancers. I gladly agreed to the event. As we drove there,  I threw my Jacket in the back seat, let my hair down and turned my dress into v shape night gown top.  Mike looked at me stunningly. Well that was "Pretty fast" he said. 

The mai tai's were great.  Made with local mango’s and pinapple juice it tasted sweet, fresh, and out of the world. As the day ended we danced along the beautiful Hawaiian sunset.  

Back at my hotel room I stopped to look at the tall wall mirror, and smiled. This Wonder dress allowed me to go from casual, professional to party ready in one wonderful amazing day.

If you would like to see how one dress can convert 20 ways click here now.

This dress comes in 20 different colors. It also has different size choices (US 0 - 16 W).  The selection ranges from petite, Plus size to the Taller sizes. You also have a choice of selecting different material from tulle form for a more luxurious look and short skirt designs for casual events.  The Wonder dresses are on sale for a limited time and Prices Start at $79.

Have a look at all the different Wonder dresses now at:

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